What is SomnoDent with Compliance Recorder?

SomnoDent is the first continuous open airway therapy (COAT) device to contain an innovative FDA-approved compliance recorder.

Why is compliance recording important?

Compliance recording is something that is highly important to a number of different interested parties. Employers of patients working in specific industries – such as driving/trucking/construction – may require medical evidence that their employee is compliant with their prescribed COAT treatment in order to reduce any insurance liability or ensure that he/she is meeting any medical terms in their contract.

Evidence of compliance is also an essential requirement for many insurers who insist on proof that the patient is completing their treatment as prescribed. Failure to comply with medical advice or treatment plans could invalidate a patients’ insurance, or inhibit their ability to get coverage from other medical insurance suppliers in the future.

There has also been some debate about the effectiveness of continuous open airway therapy (COAT) in comparison to traditional CPAP therapy. Accurate compliance recording will provide the evidence needed to prove that COAT is a successful, viable alternative to CPAP and that wearable devices do provide an effective solution for obstructive sleep apnea. These findings could support further growth in the field of oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea and other related disorders.

How does it work?

The compliance recorder takes the form of a DentiTrac chip which is embedded well within the acrylic structure of the oral device so that it is unnoticeable and does not affect the comfort or fit. The device naturally absorbs the heat of the patients’ mouth, and once it reaches a certain temperature, the chip is activated and recording begins.

The chip is packed full of sensors that measure a wide range of metrics including temperature and three-dimensional rotation that will provide accurate information on the amount of time that the patient is wearing it, and whether they are in a supine or non-supine position. This allows insurers, physicians and other interested parties to find out if the patient is being compliant with their prescribed COAT treatment.

The chip has a lifespan of 2-3 years and is able to record data for as much as six months at a time, after which the data can be downloaded and analyzed. This is done using an internet-connected DentiTrac Basestation. Once the chip is placed into the Basestation, the data is able to be downloaded to a HIPAA secure cloud portal where it is turned into comprehensive reports on patient compliancy. The reports can be printed, emailed to or even accessed remotely by interested parties.


  • Highly effective
  • HIPAA Secured
  • Compliant to rules and regulations
  • Accurate measurement of data using advanced technology